Our Techniques

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We offer cooperation with very well equipped and organised, mostly ISO-certified, metal and plastic processing companies. Our German, Italian as well as Eastern and South-Eastern European partners offer you u. these technologies:

  ​· 2D and 3D laser cutting

​· Punch-laser combination machines

​· Tube laser

​· Bending

​· Gift bending

​· Water cutting

​· Welding

​· Robot welding

​· Laser welding

​· Stud welding and pressing

​· CNC turning and milling

​· Montages

​· Powder coating

​· Wet painting

​· Deep drawing up to 250 t

​· Assembly lines including electrics, electronics and hydraulics

Industry supplier parts

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​We present your production possibilities to our customer network. Or bring you together with an efficient and cost-effective supplier.

       Displays shopfitting

        Automotive industry

        Industrial products

         Furniture and design