2D and 3D scanners

                        Accelerate your work processes significantly - save time and money!


  • ab 5.938,10 € incl. 19% MwSt. 
  • Calibry is a portable 3D scanner for capturing objects from 30 cm to 10 m in length. Or the Calibry Mini, a portable 3D scanner for digitizing small objects from 2 to 30 cm in length. Perfectly designed for humanities, medical, reverse engineering, body scanning and heritage conservation applications.
  • An interactive touch screen makes the scanning process easy and intuitive. Get a finished, high-resolution, full-color 3D model in Calibry Nest software in minutes.
  • Scans difficult surfaces.
    There are 3 different scan modes to choose from: Texture Tracking, Marker Tracking & Geometry Tracking
  • Die vorinstallierte Software startet automatisch. Der eingebaute Touchscreen macht Sie schnell mit der simplen, aber hochleistungsstarken Bedienbarkeit vertraut. Die Software wurde entwickelt, um sowohl erfahrene User als auch Neulingen gerecht zu werden. Daher hat das Programm zwei Modi: Simple und Advanced
  • Inkl. Calibry Nest Software (ohne Lizenzbeschränkung)


  •  ab 29.738,10 € incl. 19% MwSt.
  • eviXscan 3D scanners were developed to meet the growing market demands for reliable, fast and accurate measuring devices used in reverse engineering, non-contact quality control, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping.
  • Properly selected accessories allow you to scan details with complex shapes or glossy surfaces. Stable tripods and turntables make the scanning process even more effective.
  • Die Software bildet zusammen mit professionellen 3D-Scannern eine Komplettlösung für Reverse Engineering, Qualitätskontrolle und Rapid Prototyping.
  • Wir bieten ergänzende Dienstleistungen rund um das 3D-Scannen an:  
    ·         3D-Scannen

    ·        3D-Modellierung

    ·         Reverse Engineering

Further information & downloads

Calibry Nest is a combination of two software programs. One is pre-installed on your Calibry scanner, the other runs on your PC after successful installation.

Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, the pre-installed software on your scanner recognizes unique textures and geometries and thus determines in real time which points of the captured image need to be linked. If the object to be scanned does not have any specific textures or geometries, use the markers suitable for Calibry. Thanks to their strong contrast, the scanner algorithm can achieve precise results with high resolution and display them in real time despite the lack of geometries.

The desktop software enables you to have a smooth post-processing process for your scans. It was taken into account that both experienced experts and newcomers can work well with the software. Combine individual scans into a whole, close small holes and then export the scans to your software.

Here you can find the download for the current version of Calibry Nest: Calibry Nest (3.3.41) (64 Mb)

Calibry scanners work with markers with an outer diameter of 22 mm and an inner diameter of 11 mm. The Calibry Mini is compatible with markers that have an outer diameter of 6mm and an inner diameter of 3.5mm. The cheapest option is to simply print out the markers on your office printer. Simply use white, commercially available, self-adhesive and removable labels for this purpose.

Here you will find the template for printing out the markers for the Calibry 3D: Calibry Marker

Each Calibry 3D scanner comes with a box of magnetic markers that are reusable. They are particularly suitable if you primarily scan metallic objects. Compared to the sticker markers, they can also be removed much more easily and quickly after scanning.

You can also read more about scanning with markers in the guide "All about markers and how to help with 3D scanning".

Calibry (Thor3D) provide you the detailed manual only in English or Russian language.
As a German reseller, we have translated the extensive manual for the Calibry 3D & 3D Mini for you and adapted it to the German-language software. When you buy a Calibry 3D scanner, you will receive the German manual from us for download as a pdf free of charge. If you already own a Calibry 3D scanner and are interested in the German-language manual, please contact us.