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vendor parts · tool design · digitizing 2D and 3D · engineering

engineering & vendor parts

We offer you vendor parts, assamblies and electrified complete products. 
Together with our perfectly organised and well equipped partners mostly ISO-certified we implement your project requirements. 

3D scanner

No more complicated measuring, stencils or models.
With 3D scanning you can collect a wide range of objects in a small amount of time. Whether automotive, aviation, kitchen designer or actor - 3D scanning brings you new opportunities and possibilities.

book scanner

Create your digital office or support digital education.
Digitalize documents, books or magazines within minutes and archive them as processable and searchable pdf.
CZUR book and document scanner will become your best friend!

automotive accessories

Developement and distribution

 special machines

Wether one machine or whole or entire planning of your production plant. Simply talk to us. We'll be happy to develope a solution that idially tailores your particular requirements or equip you with machines.